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After a six-year successful course, the ‘MA in Black Sea Studies’, from the following academic year is extended and named ‘MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies’.

During this six-year period, our Master’s Programme devoted to the Black Sea, globally unique until this day, with an interdisciplinary approach of the region throughout history, attracted a significant number of students from 13 countries. Our students submitted Master’s dissertations on various topics concerning the Black Sea, which were inspired, original, some highly distinguished, and published in scientific journals or presented at conferences.

As part of the ‘MA in Black Sea Studies’, the School of Humanities organized two international Workshops on the Black Sea in Antiquity in 2012 and 2015, followed by proceedings volumes, and numerous one-day workshops on topics related to history, politics and diplomacy. There were also lectures delivered by scholars from the Onassis Foundation specializing in the ancient Black Sea, while the preparation of the publication of a collective volume is in progress, edited by M. Manoledakis, G. Tsetskhladze, I. Xydopoulos, S. Drougou, and entitled Essays on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the Black Sea Littoral (Leuven/Paris/Walpole, MA), which will enlist the collaboration of leading scientists specializing in the Black Sea Region from all over the world.

Our efforts were rewarded by expressions of appreciation and gratitude by our students and graduates, and reflected in the exit questionnaires, as well as the highly praising external evaluation of our School in 2014.

Today, based on our successful, six-year experience, we are extending the Programme to include the entire region of the Eastern Mediterranean in terms of geography. We intend to achieve this by including current topics of special interest and by providing two distinct streams to suit our students’ different career aims. All the relevant information can be found on this website.

We hope that this revised Programme will be embraced with the same eagerness and become highly successful.

Assist. Professor Manolis Manoledakis
Director of the ‘MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies’


The Programme

The Programme is based on an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the history and culture of the Black Sea and the Easter Mediterranean region. The study and interpretation of the historical and cultural data of these regions, areas of great geopolitical and economic importance, will provide the student with an outstanding opportunity to specialize in a research domain of such significance in our times.

The Black Sea region and the Eastern Mediterranean basin with their special geophysical and cultural characteristics, are gaining significance as a geopolitical link between Europe and Asia. The important natural resources and the crucial position of these regions at the hub of international routes have aroused the interest of many nations over the ages, leading to numerous events of great cultural and historical significance.

The Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean constitute two great international gateways, of considerable importance for Europe as well as for Asia and the East. Over the last few decades, research institutions and university departments all over the world have promoted research programmes concentrating on these regions with such rich scientific material.

The MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies provides specialised education in diverse areas of interest such as Archaeology, Ethnography, Historical Geography, Art, Religion, Mythology, Ancient and Modern History, International Relations, Politics, Diplomacy and Economy. The Master’s Programme ‘MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies’ promotes learning and teaching characterized by a diversity of teaching methods.


Academic Committee

  • Director: Assistant Professor Manolis Manoledakis | Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology | International Hellenic University
  • Associate Professor Iakovos Michailidis | Associate Professor of Modern and Contemporary History | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Associate Professor Selene Psoma | Associate Professor of Ancient History | University of Athens


First Semester

Core Courses

Second Term

-Archaeology Stream

Stream Elective Courses (4 out of 6)

Modern History & Politics Stream

Third Semester


IHU Educational Archaeological Excavation



The MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies is a 3-semester full-time programme of study. It is taught mainly on weekdays over three-hour teaching periods. The first two semesters cover the core courses of the programme. Each teaching term has 13 teaching weeks followed by a 10-day exam period. The third period is taken up with work on the Master's dissertation.

The programme is also available in part-time mode.


Target audience

The MA is addressed to graduates in Humanities, especially Archaeology, Ancient art history, Ethnography, Ancient and Modern History, Social Anthropology, International Relations, Political Science, and Economics.


Ideal career path

The MA programme offers a critical and multifarious study of the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean region, from ancient history and archaeology to art, politics, international relations and modern diplomacy. The graduates develop the competences and the ability to comprehend and discuss works of ancient to comprehend international relations, political, economic and historical data. The skills obtained allow them to work in Educational Institutions and Academies concentrating on Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean region, Archaeological Departments and Research Institutes, Museums as well as the Diplomatic Corps or other state services, corporations or NGOs, which have interests in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.


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